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Bagging Web Designing Jobs in Chandigarh


What does it take to bag the best web designing jobs in Chandigarh? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a terse and succinct way, for you will seldom find formulae governing any creative discipline but there are a few dos and don’ts that will prove very useful to the prospective web designer, especially when considering the usefulness and effectiveness of a web page.


For web designing jobs are artistic only insofar as they must create visually pleasing pages, so much more is required of the role when it comes to the functionality of the page; the most popular and the most lucrative websites will put the customer first and allow them to actually do something practical with the least amount of difficulty – they are useful sites.


Imagine you are a car designer, you would have to consider so many other factors beyond the pure form of your car, and these considerations will affect the outcome of your design: who is the car is being aimed at?, what is the purpose of the car (carrying families, high-speed performance, off-roading, etc.)? You would also have to be proficient in more scientifically advanced areas such as aerodynamics and materials.


Exactly the same goes for web designing jobs. The distinction between an artist and a designer lies in the adage that form must follow function. A web designer must first plan his site, taking into account crucial considerations like purpose and audience. The purpose of the website must come first, this will be the foundation for the site, it outlines what the web page will do, for example, allow people to connect with each, chat and share information and pictures like on a social networking site such as Facebook.


Considering who your target audience will influence the design of your site considerably. If you land that perfect job as a web designer in Chandigarh and your first brief is to design a website for downloading music, it may well be that your target audience is teenagers. If you were to create a wordy, difficult to navigate website that assumes a large amount of prior web experience, you’d probably find you wouldn’t be considered for a second project.


As a rule of thumb for all those considering web designing jobs in Chandigarh, always try to keep your content informative and targeted to those who will be visiting the site, your usability easy and friendly, your style consistent and relevant to the audience, and allow the structure of the site to flow practically and logically.


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