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Web Design Articles Can Be So Interesting for the Professional or Novice Designer

Educational websites and their requirements


website design progressed and became one of the main methods of delivering online education. A number of educational websites are now available online. Most of them provide relevant information about the educational services provided by their organization and many of them are highly dynamic websites which allow learners to access course curriculum with ease and undergo assessment.


Customizing Content Management Systems


websites can never be considered complete. Regular content updates are necessary if you hope to benefit from the existence of your website.


It becomes difficult to keep going back to your designer to get content updates on your website and HTML is definitely not your cup of tea then you should consider using a Content Management System also known as CMS in the digital world.


Outsourcing website Design to Asia


The Information Technology industry is very familiar with the concept of outsourcing. A few years ago, outsourcing was related only to programming services. In the last couple of years, outsourcing of creative design especially website design is becoming quite commonplace.


Interactive Modules in an ecommerce website


An ecommerce website is an elaborate website which has many modules which interact with each other and provide various services to the customer. Some modules of an ecommerce website are a must whereas some modules may or may not be present there.


Useful online resources for website designers


All web designers need motivation for designing and there are plenty of resources which are available online which motivate as well as educate website designers. Since web design is dependant on the latest technology, it is imperative for web designers to read about what is new in their field and educate themselves with the latest user interface development software.


website design awards: The top honors


Let’s welcome you to another kind of awards. These awards may not be as glamorous and may not drive the media into a feeding frenzy, but it sure awards the right set of grey cells. No, I am not referring to the Nobel Prize, but web awards which are given to some of the most creative websites ever created.


Styles of website design


The layout of a website is usually decided casually by a website designer. He or she might choose a layout which has been decided based on the images available or on the volume of content the customer wants to provide. Either way, a lot of emphasis may not be paid on the layout. This article outlines some of the common types of website design layouts and their advantages and disadvantages.


Types of images used on a website


A picture can speak a thousand words and this maxim holds true for the internet as well. Images form an important part website designing and there are many types of images which can be used to create websites. The objective of this article is to outline some of the types of images that may be used on a website.


Can ad agencies create good websites?


Many advertising agencies began setting up their digital divisions a few years ago. DDB set up Tribal DDB, Ogilvy & Mather set up Ogilvy & Mather Interactive and so on.


Customers welcomed this new division, but technocrats considered this a step akin to setting up an outdoor adverting division within an advertising company.


Importance of navigation systems in web design


websites are known for many things…look and feel, content delivery, and not to forget, their navigation system. In today’s internet age, navigation system of a website is like the limbs of the website. Can you imagine a person without any limbs? Similarly, a website without a navigation system or a poor navigation system is handicapped to a large extent.


Types of websites (sales page, brochure ware, ecommerce, flash websites, intranet system etc)


There are a few million active websites on the internet today ( no point in giving numbers, they are bound to change by the time you read this article!) and they can be classified in various categories. Some of the categories are common such as ecommerce websites and corporate websites, but there are some special types of websites which also exist on the internet today.


Technologies used for website design


HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML provides the basis for creation of web pages. It creates text files which are readable by web browsers. HTML files are very versatile as they permit delivering of image files, content and form fields to online users. HTML can be created either by directing the code directly in Notepad or with the help of HTML editors which are used extensively by web designers. Some of the most popular HTML editors are Dreamweaver and Frontpage. Most websites use HTML and you can determine this by seeing the file extension which would be .html


How to make your website more interactive (games, competitions, opinion polls, viral marketing, blogs etc)?


Getting users to visit your website is a challenge faced my most website owners. The large number of websites and the high level of online promotions can leave you bereft of users. Help is at hand with some new interactive concepts which have emerged recently and have proven to be successful in pulling users towards your online entity. You can add all of them on your website if you have an online retailing concept or select a few in case you have a business to business website.


Offline promotion methods of a website


All corporate communication items should carry the website address. If you have a recently developed website, it might happen that you would need to get new visiting cards and office stationery printed to incorporate the change. Our recommendation would be that you should go ahead and do it as this is one of the best ways to get the website address across to your customers, suppliers and even employees. It is also advisable that employees in the company should be provided with a corporate email so that they can promote their website address as part of the email address.


Web Page Design Companies


Designers use image creating software applications to create the graphics for a website. Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks are two of the most popular image creating products. Using these HTML creators, a designer can create Web pages without having to learn actual html coding. Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia DreamWeaver are two of the most popular and greatest HTML softwares.


What is Flash and How Does it Work?


Ever go to a website that looked professional and hi-tech? Did icons move, animate, and make sounds when clicked? Ever see one of those funny online cartoons? We have, then we have had the privilege of seeing flash image in action. Flash is a software product that we use to design and deliver presentations and websites


Browser Resolutions and Usage Statistics


Staying on edge of the ever-changing browser world is not easy, but it's key to outstanding website design. That's why we strive to understyand the latest developments. Following is an update on the state of the browser, and a few important data to consider when designing a website or hiring a website designer. Currently, Internet Explorer 6 is the dominating browser, XP is the most popular operating system, and most users are using a display with 1024x768 pixels or more. We brave few have migrated to the weE7 Beta release which seems to be good.


Trends in Browser Resolutions and Usage Statistics


We spent a considerable amount of time designing your website. You have attractive graphics on display, user-friendly navigation, perhaps a bit of Flash or javascript to enchance the user's experience on wer site.


The site's unique content is fresh, relevant, and original. A site such as ours should attract much attention in relevant search results, so why is incoming traffic so slow? Why are the SEOs not caching data as quickly and as often as we would like?


Professional website Designers


On a regular basis, thousands of firms launch new websites or redesign outdated ones.Most firms today realize the importance of marketing on the net. As a result, many firms are hiring professional website designers to maintain their websites and remain competitive in the marketplace. The scope for website designing as a profession is positive all over the world.


A great website may just be exactly what your business or organization needs to hit the ground running. If you are giving web design a try for yourself or just want to know that the guy (or gal) you have hired is all that they have claimed to be, here are 8 tips to creating a web design masterpiece. Why 8 tips? Everyone always has 5, 10, or even 20 tips for success. Just like a good website, we want to stand out!


1. Constant Changes. A website is never really finished. As a company or a web designer these are words to live by. If you want to make readers continuously come back, you are going to need to WOW them. Making weekly changes will keep readers coming back. No one wants to return to the same ole content week in and week out. Try changing content or adding a page once a week.


2. A picture really is worth 1,000 words. If you have products, you are going to need to include pictures of those products. If you offer services, include pictures of those services being performed. If you are a non-profit, include pictures of a fundraiser or volunteer event. You get the idea! When including pictures, you must consider download time. Nobody wants to wait around all day as your pictures slowly appear. If you create “img src” tags correctly, including height and width- the pictures will load following your text. This allows viewers to read as they wait for the accompanying pictures.


3. Web copy. You are going to need to be a great writer or consider hiring a great writer. If you are selling a product or service, you must explain the benefits and features of a product. The benefits should draw on the emotions of individuals and explain what the product can do for them. The features should explain what the product actually does. You need to hook visitors on what you have to offer. To keep readers interested: keep the paragraphs short, use headings, use lists, and write in a conversational manner.


4. Weigh the pros and cons of graphics. Graphics can do wonders for your site. However, something that can do wonders can also reek havoc. Consider your graphics very carefully. Graphics can create consistency, aid in the navigation process, and give your site enhanced credibility through a more professional experience. On the other hand, loud, flashy graphics can annoy or confuse individuals, they can slow download time, and have the potential to give the wrong message. Be CAREFUL!

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Because CSS website pages are usually much smaller file sizes than those using HTML table designs, it's not unusual to see reductions in file size of more than 50%. Smaller file sizes usan reduced bandwidth, which in turn usans reduced bandwidth charges.

Are we looking at lowering website hosting costs?

Are we looking at lowering website hosting costs? Are we fed up with having to pay website hosting prices? Are we unsure which firm to use to host wer new website? These are questions that many Internet users would answer yes to. We have a large number of websites and the cost of website hosting them all, does at times annoy us.

A quicker site

Have you ever come across a site that seemed to take forever to load? Did it only display the background, and minutes later, display the text all at once? By reading this article, you will be able to prevent this common mistake from happening to you.

Eliminating Default Margins

Since the inception of the very first HTML document, margins existed that surrounded the document, like in the case with this document. The margins are there to act as a cushion between the edges of the browser and the contents of the page, so it's easier to read this content.

Conditional SSI

While many of you are familiar with SSI (Server Side Includes) and its tremendous usefulness as a server feature, did you know that the technology supports conditions? Imagine being able to give your SSI code logic, so it executes different commands, depending on variables such as browser type, time of day, referring URL, and whatever else can be accessed and compared in Perl. Something like that would be nothing less than revolutionary, and fortunately, possible!

How to Receive Web Awards

Awards are nice to receive after having put a lot of effort (or not) into your site. If you haven't gotten one yet for your killer design, you are at the right place. You undoubtedly have seen several sites around the net showing off their nice, shiny awards. Then you wonder: "Why haven't I got an award? My site is at least just as good!". The truth is, you can't receive an award if you don't apply for one. Those other sites don't get their awards straight out of nothing, they've applied for it!

Don't Make Them Wait

I have noticed that many websites are trying to portray themselves as if they were a TV network. They put top-notch graphics and sound into their web page. What these companies are missing is that their visitors are not watching TV.

Clip Art Graphics can be an integral part of a web design. Fresh ideas and ingenuity are part and parcel of succeeding in the virtual world. These quality graphic design techniques are affordable as well. The only thing that is needed is a quality clip art graphic artist.


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